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I was born in the island of Rhodes, Greece, in 1971. Since 1989 I am employed at the Greek Archeological Department of Rhodes as an excavation specialist.
In 1991 I started capturing landscapes of my country with my “time machine”. Two years later my diving career started and since then I am travelling all over the world (Egypt, Tayland, Indonesia, West Papua, etc.) to practice underwater photography and to capture the customs and ways of life in these exotic places. In 1997 I also started my regular activities as an amateur astronomer.
For almost two decades now I am publishing my underwater photographs in Greek and international media, often accompanied by short stories. Many among my photos were published and highlighted by underwater photographer Recently I was shortlisted for the big prize of the Oris watch competition. Since 1999 I started publishing images and news in astronomy magazines such as Sky & Telescope, Astronomy, Sky observer, newspapers and electronic media.



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