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Spot the Alien Fish campaign

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Alan Deidun holds a PhD in Coastal Ecology, having conducted his research on the ecology of Central Mediterranean sandy beaches. He has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers on aspects of coastal and marine biology. He is currently Senior Lecturer at the IOI-Malta Operational Centre of the University of Malta, where he acts as Project Manager on a number of European-funded projects under the Italia-Malta 2007-2013 and the ENPI-CBCMED funding programmes, namely, PANACEA (through which he acted as executive producer for two pioneering underwater documentaries for the MPAs of Dwejra and Rdum Majjiesa), BIODIVALUE and MED-JELLYRISK. He is also participating in the PERSEUS project, funded under the FP7 funding programme. He coordinates the ongoing Spot the Jellyfish citizen science campaign (www.ioikids.net/jellyfish) and lectures within numerous undergraduate and post-graduate courses at the University of Malta.

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Costa Andalusa Mediterrània



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