Fully at the NO_Plastic_Festival
We were present all day at the NO_Plastic_Festival.
15th Dec 2018 Before a close Christmas we were all day present at the NO_Plastic_Festival to talk about Plastic 0 (now called Microplastic Watchers) and Citizen Science in this event organized by the Noctiluca Association at the Ramis de Inca Factory (Mallorca). Always very well accompanied by sectors of science, outreach, foster homes, music artists, exhibitions, workshops and monologues. The NO_Plastic_Festival celebrated the end of the project #marycienciaparatodos, a project of inclusive science and citizen science for foster homes, where beach micro-plastics were collected using the Microplastic Watchers protocol. The platform was very present with various activities: - Luis F. Ruiz-Orejón as researcher of the Microplastic Watchers project where he presented the 'Past, present and future of plastic waste in the Balearic Islands -from the Archduke to Citizen Science'. - Lara Silvia Garcia Corral of the Noctiluca Association explaining the project 'Science in homes' in which the Microplastic Watchers protocol was used with the foster homes. - A cocktail of humor of Science Citizen and Ecosystem Services by Laura Royo (Imedea Uib-Csic) as Balearic coordinator and sentinel observatories of the platform! 'Marine ecosystems provide us with numerous services, what can we give in return?' -Debate between speakers and audience after the NO_Plastic_Festival talks Thank you for this fantastic Festival, for the presence of the host houses and the Fàbrica Ramis for giving up this magnificent space!